Wander Wheel

Wander Wheel is an interactive adventure-finding application that uses your location to create a whimsical goal-based itinerary.

No matter where you are, the moment you open Wander, you'll be given an adventure with special missions for each location on your list. From high-fiveing trees to photo scavenger hunts, you'll never run out of fun things to do.  

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The Adventures of Wander Wheel is a comic series by Uncle Louis showing how Wander can be used for fun and adventure:


Medjules are low-cost surgical skills trainers that provide objective feedback.The universal base allows each modular top to send skill-specific data to the cloud. Medjules are being tested within different departments at the University of Minnesota.


Medjules have been incorporated for use in simulation centers in Kampala, Uganda as well as at the University of Minnesota



Learn both the basics and intricacies of skin closure. Using an outcomes-based assessment system, data on wound approximation and eversion are available for review after working with this trainer. 

Tool Articulation

This classic operation game tests the dexterity with which a surgeon can operate laparoscopic instruments. Data on speed and accuracy of tool handling are reported for a user’s view.

Knot Tying

No surgical training is complete without a fluent command of secure surgical knots. This trainer assesses with a standardized force the speed strength and integrity of each knot that a surgeon makes.